Tennis Shoes vs Running Shoes

Tennis shoes are specifically created for use on the tennis court and differ from running shoes by emphasizing on lateral support and stability. Running shoes improve forward motion and add extra cushion for comfort and protection but don’t have the necessary lateral support for constant sideways movement involved in playing tennis. 

Tennis shoes are engineered to provide support for side-to-side quick movements rather than heel-to-toe cushioning. The additional support for specific tennis movements ensure ankle stability and help preventing rolled ankles, which is a common tennis injury. 

The soles of running and tennis shoes differ greatly. Tennis shoes are made to be considerably more durable, needed for the constant quick short movements. While running shoes are discarded rarely, only when they loose cushioning and spring. Tennis shoes need to be discarded when the sole becomes flat and looses friction, similar to tires.  

Running_Shoes.png          Tennis_Shoes.png


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