First Tennis Racquet: What To Look For

Choosing a first racquet may seem daunting but sticking to these 3 general rules will surely help enjoy your first frame for the years to come.

Tennis racquet technology evolves quite rapidly. Every racquet manufacturer seeks to provide comfortable hitting without comprising control.

1. Choose a lightweight racquet. Starting off with a lighter frame will allow you to learn techniques a little easier. Manoeuvrability is key is this fast and reactive sport. Most entry level tennis racquets have a weight between 250 grams and 285 grams. Heavier racquets make it more difficult to prepare and complete your tennis swing as the ball comes your way.

2. Gravitate towards a bigger head size. Learning to play tennis with a head size ranging from 100 square inches to 120 square inches will provide you with a larger sweet spot and increase your margin of error. It will also slightly increase power which is much needed in the beginning!

3. There is no need to break the bank! A more expensive tennis racquet does not relate a better game.

Although more advanced tennis players tend to play with the newest and most expensive tennis racquets, it is only because their level of play requires it and provides them with a more personalized feel for added power or control.

The most important factor in choosing your first tennis racquet is your comfort in using it to learn the sport.

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